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The Use of Marked Cards in Cheating Poker Games

People who are incapable or shorthanded in abilities always have the option to cheat. If they do so, they could earn an unfair and unnoticeable edge over their counterparts and opponents. Such antics are lowly because they degrade the quality of tasks at hand. Most of the time, it is always best to do things in a very hard but sure way rather than to cheat.

Cheaters in the game of poker have always considered marked cards as a very brilliant idea in making their dreams of winning it big come true. The basic idea behind this cheat is to put some tangible marks on the different cards in order to determine their value without directly looking at them.

The one who ever thought of this cheat first has a very innovative mind as it makes the cheat very hard to catch. Anyone can always have the brilliant alibi of not putting the marks on the different cards. This cheat can indeed be considered a skilled method of cheating in poker. Only the greatly skilled cheaters can execute such trick properly and without getting caught.

The different ways of marking cards are too many to mention but some of the most known ways include putting a circular design at the back of cards to indicate aces, or shading the cards by exposing them to direct sunlight. Another famous way of marking cards is through the use of razors. Because razors create very fine lines, cheaters can use them to mark the back of cards for another unnoticeable cheat.

Another way of using marked cards as a cheat in poker is through the use of substances like juices. Such cards are already marked prior being dealt to the players. The cheater is the only one who can identify the cards because that individual masterminded the cheat. It is also the responsibility of the cheater to mix the juice cards into play.

Meanwhile, another substance called daub can be used to mark the cards while at play. This cheat can be properly executed by a skilled cheater who knows how to perform the trick without getting noticed. With the help of these unjust procedures, cheaters can identify a lot of cards that are distributed all throughout the poker table.

Another known means of marking cards as cheats in poker games is through the bending of the cards. This method can be done as long as the cheater can easily identify them for much easier leverage in winning games. By using this cheat, players can also read some of the different cards distributed over the poker table. This practice is very much looked down by most of the good poker players worldwide.

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