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The Law Against Cheating in Poker

The different laws governing poker may have been implemented as early as 1910, but during that time the laws were obscure as different states have varying laws about the game. Some people may have considered poker as a form of gambling in the strictest sense, but as the years went by it became clear that poker is really a game of skill and should be tolerated.

The legalization of the poker game in Nevada in 1931 was a very important part in the game's history. Since that move, people began considering poker in the same way as they look at other sporting events. The negative perception of the game somehow diminished. From then on, other jurisdictions followed in legalizing such wonderful card games like poker. Today, poker and other casino games contribute greatly to the economies of these places.

The game of poker found itself on top of the world in 2005. This boom in popularity of poker, particularly the Texas Holdem variant, was greatly influenced by certain factors such as the introduction of online poker, the wide television coverage of huge poker events like the World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker, and the proliferation of poker tournaments for celebrities.

Because of this, cheaters found another great way of making money. They carefully studied the weaknesses and loopholes in how the game is being played in casinos and other gambling establishments. They then device some methods wherein they can capitalize and gain an unfair edge over their opponents as well as the house. This event created a serious demand on casinos to formulate definite rules that would be used to prevent and punish the perpetrators of the different instances of cheating in poker.

With regards to private and home poker tournaments, the rules of the states on which these events are being held would take effect. In Los Angeles County for example, one of its rules prohibit any player from dealing, playing and holding card games that involve money. However, the state of California also runs a rule which allows such activity as long as no one will earn money for holding such events. Therefore, private tournaments would still be allowed as long as the one who operates the event would not earn anything from these events.

Meanwhile, laws about cheating in poker and other card games are clearly specified in some rules. Filing law suits against these cheaters are greatly encouraged. The penalties for such fraudulent acts would lead to imprisonment and the payment of fines for some. Cheaters must therefore turn back from their crooked strategies because there are rules that were set to protect the integrity of the poker game. It is never too late to change especially for those who really have the skill and talent to play good poker.

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