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The Different Types of Card Cheaters in Poker

The presence of cheaters in the game of poker cannot be doubted. There have been lots of resources that can attest to the very fact of such people. Just look at the various books and motion pictures that have been written and produced which centers on this delicate subject. Throughout the years, these card cheaters have been infesting the lovely world of poker.

The different cheaters worldwide can be subdivided into various categories depending on the type of cheats that they perform. The different categories of cheaters include the machine players, hand muckers, paper players, base dealers, and card mechanics. It is somehow important to identify these people because doing such would greatly improve the competition in poker. Such action would also limit the power of these cheaters because casinos and other gambling facilities would be able to stop them from such illegal acts.

Machine players are certified cheaters. These people use some sort of mechanical apparatus or gadgets to be able to execute their cheats. These cheaters are skilled in what they are doing. This makes them impenetrable for other people to point out and be recognized. They usually work in multiples, communicating with one another through the use of gadgetry or other mechanical devices. It is important for other people to know them to help stop these cheaters from doing their crazy antics.

Another type of poker cheaters on the loose are hand muckers. This kind of cheating in poker uses sleight of hands to be successful. These skilled cheaters are masters of interchanging one card for another. In order not to get caught, hand muckers use their quickness to manipulate the dealing of the cards to players. These people usually give the cards which their partners greatly need to win the game. Players should be aware and be wary of them by watching closely and carefully how the cards are being dealt.

Meanwhile, paper players are cheaters who mainly rely on the marked cards to gain an advantage over their opponents. Pre-marked cards are carefully and nonchalantly mixed with the deck of cards for the other players not to recognize. With the help of these marked cards, paper players can read the different hands in front of the poker table. This is an edge that no honest player will have because this cheat is done illegally.

On the other hand, base dealers are cheaters who make falls deals. Instead of dealing the cards that can be found on top of the deck, these people deal the cards at the bottom or the cards which can be found on the second layer. This manipulative tactic is not allowed in poker. Because of that, this practice is considered a cheat. Sleight of hands is greatly needed in the success of this cheat.

Lastly, card mechanics are cheaters who are masters of the sleight of hands. The excellent control of the cards gives them an upper hand which is not allowed in the game of poker. These cheaters have very quick hands which help them execute their illegal strategies without getting noticed by the other players.

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