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The Collusion Strategy of Cheaters in Poker

Cheaters in the world of poker have come up with several hard-to-notice cheating strategies that helped them propel in these games. One of the biggest problems of casinos and gambling establishments worldwide is collusion. Numerous gaming facilities all over the world have made some serious efforts to upend such lowly plays.

Cheating in poker is a very sensitive issue because the integrity of the game is very much at stake by these irregularities. As it is commonly known, people love to play poker because of the unmatched fun and enjoyment that they can get while at play. However, cheating can destroy these elements and could make the game lowly in the sight of all the people out there.

The world of poker greatly condemns these cheaters. Such people always want to gain advantage over the other players and casinos in an unfair way. If casinos and other gambling facilities fail to control such illicit acts, the viewing public would shy away from playing these games because they are pretty much covered by controversy as well as irregularities. Players and casinos should work hand in hand in fighting this disease that is slowly eating out the popularity of the poker game.

Collusion usually takes a couple or more players who are working together in order to fulfill one secret goal. Some of the most popular kinds of collusion are signaling, dumping, whipsawing, and soft play. These are what players as well as casinos need to be aware of in order to prevent such illegal acts from occurring in the future.

Through the use of signaling, some players are capable of interacting and communicating with each other. One of the most subtle ways of signaling is the arrangement of chips. Some arrangements may mean something for players who are working together. This form of signaling is very hard to identify because it is difficult to prove. One would not dare judge someone in an instant for fear of disorder and chaos.

Meanwhile, dumping is some sort of game fixing where cheaters usually allow their partners to win any specific game. This act is done deliberately yet a very tough one to prove because of the subtlety of the move as well as the intention. On the other hand, soft play is another form of collusion where cheaters opt not to raise or bet deliberately in any given instance wherein they should have done so. This will save the partners in crime from losing enough money.

These are the most common lowly acts being employed by cheaters in poker under the banner of collusion. Doing such acts is indeed a disgrace not only to the poker world but to the gaming industry in general. It is therefore the responsibility of casinos and its different honest players to stop such illegal acts from happening. Having a basic knowledge of these cheating strategies will help prevent their occurrence in the future.

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