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A Look at the Different Books That Depict Cheating in Poker

Aside from poker movies, poker books are wonderful resources of information on the different methods of cheating in poker. These resources offer readers enough information to keep them aware of the different irregularities in the game of poker. By reading these books, people can be more aware and become more wary about such strategies.

There are lots of poker books available in the market today. However, only a few of them center on the very delicate issue of cheating. These include the books "Poker Protection: Cheating…And the World of Poker," "How to Cheat Your Friends at Poker: The Wisdom of Dickie Richard," and "Catching Poker Cheats." These are the most popular and comprehensive books that discuss cheating in poker games.

The book "Poker Protection: Cheating…And the World of Poker" is wonderfully written by author Steve Forte. Most of the well-known cheating methods are documented in this excellent poker resource. It introduces readers to the harmful effects of poker cheaters, be it amateurs or professionals. The book also discussed the different types of poker games where cheating seems to happen a lot. These include poker tournaments, online poker games, as well as private games.

Among the other important aspects of cheating in poker that are carefully explained in this beautiful book are the popular cheating methods such as marked cards, false deals, and collusion. It also has sections on peeking, holding out, as well as protection from the different cheating strategies.

On the other hand, the book "How to Cheat Your Friends at Poker: The Wisdom of Dickie Richardson" depicts the funny side of cheating in poker. Here, authors Mickey D. Lynn and Penn Jillette tackles how readers can cheat their way to earn lots of money. This may not be a good read for all the honest poker players out there, but its entertainment value is definitely good. Lots of readers would definitely enjoy reading this book.

Meanwhile, the book "Catching Poker Cheats" will help readers identify as well as determine the different cheating strategies being used nowadays. It also tackles important issues such as cheating Internet poker, the use of sleight of hands, as well as how readers can detect and defend themselves from all those cheaters out there. This book can be a very nice read. Author A. D. Livingston has done a wonderful job in carefully explaining the different aspects of cheating that players must be wary of.

All these poker books about cheating help readers as well as players become aware of the different cheating methods being used today. This basic knowledge can help them prevent and defend themselves against all the gutsy cheaters out there.

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