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A Look at the Different Films That Feature Cheating in Poker

Cheating in poker is a very popular notion. Lots of motion pictures as well as books have been produced and written to describe and depict such practice. The very existence of such movies supports the fact that such lowly acts are actually happening. It is always fun to watch how the different characters almost do the impossible by outsmarting the huge casinos and gambling establishments in these different films.

Though these films have been produced for the primary purpose of entertainment, numerous issues have been brought to life by these motion pictures especially those which fall under the realist point of view. Some of the most recognizable poker films that depict cheating in the game include "Rounders," "Shade," and "The Sting." These blockbuster hits have wonderfully showed to the world how cheaters execute their strategies against big casinos and gambling establishments.

The modern film "Rounders" centers on the high-stakes poker that are being held underground. This movie features Edward Norton and Matt Damon portraying roles of people whose main source of living is playing card games. Norton's character here is a cheater who convinces the character of Damon to cheat in order to earn much money that they can gamble in high-stakes underground poker.

The movie is very exciting and fun from start to finish. The rising interest of people in the Texas Holdem poker game made this film a blockbuster as poker enthusiasts all over the world watched the motion picture in the hope of watching something about their favorite past time. In the end, Damon's character finally won the underground event and ends up pursuing his dream to join the World Series of Poker.

Meanwhile, the film entitled "The Sting" is an old school film that depicts cheating in poker. This movie was inspired by David W. Maurer's book "The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man," which describes the life of real life card players Charley and Fred Gondorf. This is another interesting take on how cheating takes place in poker games.

On the other hand, the motion picture entitled "Shade," is another exciting film wherein the story centers on the game of poker. This film stars popular actors and actresses that include Sylvester Stallone, Melanie Griffith and Jamie Foxx. Of course, the story would not be complete without portraying the different cheating scenarios.

Watching these poker films can help understand how the different methods of cheating are used in casinos and gambling establishments. This will give players and gambling facilities enough information to prevent such occurrences from taking place. Despite the very high entertainment value of the different films discussed here, the information value is very high as well.

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